Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Vanguard School @ Cheyenne Mountain Academy #1 High School in Colorado!

The School Accountability Reports were released today and again the #1 high school in Colorado is a charter school. However, this time it's a school that has never received a rating before because it's in its FIRST year of operation! Vanguard School @ Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy is the high school for CMCA. According to the raw scores, the second-ranked high school is D'Evelyn Senior High and third is Ridgeview Classical Schools. For the past four years Ridgeview held the number one ranking, another charter school. Moving up to fifth place this year is Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette.

Cheyenne Mountain's middle school is the second highest scoring in the state. The top 10 middle schools are almost all charter schools!

KIPP Sunshine Peak in Denver and Paradox Valley Charter School both serve student populations with more than 80% qualifying for Free/Reduced Lunch and ranked either Excellent or High on the SAR.

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