Wednesday, October 1, 2008

AYP Released Today

Last year 75% of Colorado's public schools made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and only 60% made AYP this year. Targets jumped significantly this year due to the formula approved by the federal government. AYP is a part of the No Child Left Behind provision that all students will be proficient in reading and math by 2012. The feds approved state plans for calculating which schools make AYP each year. Colorado's formula "stair steps" instead of a steady, gradual incline. Every three years the targets jump significantly.

Most notable in this new AYP release is the 34 schools that have missed AYP targets for six consecutive years. These schools are required to restructure or reconstitute and are considered in the implementation phase. Another 18 schools have missed their AYP targets for five consecutive years and therefore start the restructuring/reconstituting process.

One charter school, the Youth and Family Academy in Pueblo, hasn't made AYP for six consecutive years. These same federal laws also apply to underperforming charter schools. Therefore, the Pueblo 60 School District has the following options: revoke the YAFA charter and close the school; revoke the charter and allow another group to submit a charter proposal and operate the school; or revoke the charter and the district takes over the school.

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