Sunday, November 29, 2009

Board Training Modules

Charter school board members often get into difficult situations and don't know how to handle them because of a lack of experience. They have good judgment, but sometimes having the knowledge of what other boards have already gone through is invaluable.

There are board training modules online at: The content for the modules was developed in collaboration with the Colorado League of Charter Schools, the Charter School Institute and the Colorado Dept of Education. All board members are encouraged to take the modules. Individuals can sign on and independently work through each of the 30 modules (24 are up right now).

The modules are considered the basics that every board member should know. Because much of the content applies generally, charter school board members from other states are welcome to take the modules, too. In fact, boards of education for school districts could also benefit from taking the modules.

If you're not a charter school board member, but are interested in education issues or want to learn more, check out the modules. You might learn something!

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