Friday, November 6, 2009

Business Manager's Network Meeting Synopsis

Items discussed at today's Business Manager's Network meeting include:

* The Governor has announced an additional $250 million will be cut from K-12 education during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 school years. The $110 million reserved in a special fund this year will be refunded to the state. The Joint Budget Committee must approve the Governor's recommendations before it goes to the full General Assembly.

* The Race to the Top federal US Dept of Education application will be submitted in December. An outcome won't be known until mid-spring. Denied applicants can reapply at a later time. For schools receiving the RttT funds, reporting to the state may be daily. The process is being guided by the Governor's office.

* There is an insurance pool for liability insurance coverage being created and presenters outlined the type of products that will be included.

* The CO League of Charter School's state conference is Feb. 25 & 26. The CO Charter Schools Week is the week of April 19th. The rally on the west steps of the Capitol will be on Thursday, the 22nd at 11:30.

* Charter schools with investments in banks should provide the bank with their PDPA number and make sure the bank has pledged their assets for safekeeping. If the charter school has a separate foundation that is a nonprofit, those assets are not PDPA insured, however.

* The website has discounted bar coding systems for inventory control.

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