Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jefferson Academy Beats The Pinnacle in Boys Basketball

In one of the best games I've seen in a long time, the two charter schools had a very competitive, back-and-forth game of boys basketball tonight at The Pinnacle. The Pinnacle team came out strong and led almost the entire first half, at one point by ten points. Then with three minutes left in the half, Jefferson Academy took over. The score at half-time was JA 35 and Pinnacle 34.
It was still close at the end of the third quarter with JA at 52 and Pinnacle 49.

The Pinnacle has a new head coach this year and it showedin the team's performance. The JA team had more height than Pinnacle, but the teams were equally matched for much of the game. In the first half Pinnacle had a high percentage of shots completed, but then the inverse seemed true in the second half when JA took over. The game had numerous turnovers in the second half.
The final score was Jefferson Academy 81 and The Pinnacle 71.

Earlier in the week Jefferson Academy beat another charter school: Denver School of Science & Technology. Next Tuesday JA plays The Academy in their gym.

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