Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adams 12 Five Star Tops the State in Percentage of Charter School Students

Adams 12 Five Star School District edged out the Cheyenne Mountain School District in the percentage of charter school students attending in the district. Last year Cheyenne Mountain was at the top, but is now number three statewide.

The Adams 12 Five Star district has 17.48% of its students attending charter schools. Adams 12 authorized the largest charter school in the state, Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA). COVA has 5,000 students. The district has a little more than 41,000 students, 7,232 of which attend charter schools.

The Falcon 49 district reached second standing this year with 16.86% of its enrollment in charter schools. Falcon is a growing community along the eastern side of Colorado Springs. They have four charter schools enrolling 2,279 students.

Other districts exceeding the state average of 8.2% plus 3% are:
Cheyenne Mountain 15.89%
Brighton 27J 15.88%
Greeley 6 15.88%
Academy 20 13.68%
Pueblo City 12.63%
Harrison 2 12.46%
Lewis-Palmer 38 11.53%

Nine of the school districts with student enrollment over 3,000 students exceed the state average by 3% and therefore qualify for exclusive chartering authority based on their staturation rate data. A total of fourteen of these 35 districts exceed the state average of 8.2%.

If all charter school students in Colorado were in a single school district, that district would be the third largest in the state behind Jeffco and Denver.

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