Monday, September 28, 2015

The Vanguard School

In 1995, a group of parents in the Cheyenne Mountain school district applied to open a charter school. The school opened with an extremely dedicated core group of parents, educators and students. Recently, the school celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The original K-8 was named Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy (CMCA). As students graduated eighth grade and families weren't completely satisfied with the neighborhood high schools, families organized to open The Vanguard School. Not wanting competition for the local high school, Cheyenne Mountain HS, the school district's Board of Education refused to let the new high school use the words Cheyenne or Mountain, thus the name The Vanguard School. The school is now merging the entire K-12 under the name The Vanguard School.

Many of the founders of CMCA are still involved in charter schools. Leaders such as Jonathan and Elizabeth Berg, Cindee Will, Collin Mullaney, Diane Boore, Keith King, Linda Carroll, and Deborah Cole not only blazed the trail for many in Colorado Springs, they also are still contributing to the charter school sector after two decades of work.

The Vanguard School is almost always in the top five schools on anyone's list. Beginning in Kindergarten, students and staff know how to impact learning. The school uses the Core Knowledge curriculum with a Direct Instruction methodology and curriculum. The school's philosophy is based on a Classical philosophy.

Congratulations to all the students, families, staff, and leaders at The Vanguard School. You deserve a wonderful celebration for all the hard work and accomplishments you've realized over the years!